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Movado Watches

Movado was founded in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Achille Ditesheim, a 19 year old entrepreneur. Movado has progressed over the span of three centuries to become one of the largest manufacturers of Swiss watches, having earned over 200 international awards for artistry and innovation, as well as holding over 100 patents. Movado features a wide variety of elegant watches in materials and finishes that will fit both men's and women's watch styles. Buy your Swiss luxury Movado watch for the lowest sale price available that can only be found on

We at take strides to offer a large selection of Movado timepieces. We are not affiliated with Movado Group Inc. That is the reason we can offer Movado watches at discounted prices. We will leave some change in your pocket and a watch on your wrist. The Movado lines which we currently offer are Sportivo, Bold, Edge, Heritage, Juro, Museum, Serio, Junior Sport, Veturi, Defio, Concerto, Connect, Classic Museum, Master, Amorosa, Faceto, Bela, Red Label, Belamoda, Circlo, Esperanza, Cerena, Celo, Military, Meza, Safiro, Amorosa Duo, Harmony, Linio, Rondiro, Vivo, Sports Edition, Stiri, Verto, Series 800, Circa, Datron, Vizio, Dura, Corporate Exclusive, Museum Automatic, Fiero, Strato, SI, Eliro, Luno Sport, Sapphire, Bellina, and SE Extreme.

Movado watches come in quartz and automatic movements. Quartz movements are watches that have batteries. These watches are more precise than their automatic counterparts. Automatic watches have a self-winding movement. These watches will need to be worn or wound in order for them to keep functioning. Under normal conditions, automatic watches may gain or lose a minimum of five minutes daily.

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