Diamond Cut

The cut dictates how much of the light entering the diamond will reflect back out. A shawllow cut will cause light to be lost out of the bottom and have the diamond appear dull. A deep cut will let light escape out the sides and make the diamond appear dark.

Ideal This cut allows almost all of the light to reflect back out of the diamond. A very rare cut.
Very Good This cut reflects nearly as much of the light as the ideal cut.
Good A diamond with this cut is either slightly deeper or shallower than an ideal cut diamond. This diamond will reflect most of the light entering it.
Fair This cut represents the largest quantity of all cuts on the market. Still reflects some light but less than a good cut.
Poor These diamonds do not reflect light effectively. They lose most of it out the sides or the bottom. They have been cut either too shallow or too deep.

These images show the different diamond shapes and their names.